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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Peace beautiful people! My name is Maikailuh and I am honored to have you join me on this journey (:

I think the most worthy place to commence the documentation of this journey is its inspiration.

August 7, 2018 I set off on an 18 hour journey to my birthplace. It was not my physical birthplace, but my spiritual -- and my mental. At this point I was 19 and had been studying psychology for two years, but I had not yet shed my cocoon and spread my wings of liberation. From the time I landed in Accra, Ghana to when I left 10 short months later, I felt at home. I felt held, held in a way that I'd never known. Incubated in the Afrikan sun, blanketed with raw shea butter and Pure Water sachets. For the first time I felt the love of a land that had birthed me -- both in the wombs of my greatest and grandest mothers, where I have existed all along, and in the soul that exists deep within me. My time on the continent, mostly Ghana, taught me that I was trying to unlock the keys to my liberation by way of the classroom, but the instruction I needed would not come from a seat at a table I had to fight to obtain -- and maintain -- it'd be found in the joys, hardships, blessings and lessons of my own rematriation -- a return to my mother's land.

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