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The Podcast

ReMatriate Me.

Through my travels I have learned the power of discussion and storytelling, so my Roots Collective sister Blessing and I have created a safe space to have raw, honest conversations.

The podcast tackles a wide array of topics from travel to mental health, all from Black womxn's point of view. We strive to keep the show interactive, welcoming listener feedback and conversations via our social media page. We also have a collaborative playlist on Spotify that allows listeners to follow along with discussions and share songs that relate to the topic. 

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The Vlog

Come Along with Me!

I was always told that ignorance is bliss, but what I have come to see is that ignorance can be bondage. I believe that true bliss comes when we are able to exchange stories and learn from those around us. 

My first visit to Ghana was in 2018. The ten months spent there changed me forever, but unfortunately I did not document that trip well, so here's to a second chance at accurate representation! Will you join me on this adventure?

ReMatriated: About
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